A recent survey conducted by Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate revealed that the next generation of homebuyers (18-35 years-old) preferred homes that coincided with their values. Millennials as they are better known, are willing to forego amenities of traditional luxury for those that most identify with their individuality and personal lifestyle. For these homebuyers, energy efficiency, technology, and purposefulness ranked high on the list of must-haves. According to survey results, energy efficient washer and dryers (57%), security systems (48%), and smart thermostats (44%) are more valuable than curb appeal. They also look to customize their homes with the latest techy gadgets to ensure visitors are entertained in every room. It would not be uncommon to see a flatscreen television where the double oven once was or the living room revamped into a home theater. Gone are the days of bigger is better, it is now 'smarter' is better. What do you look for when buying a home?

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